Wrestlefolks #12: ANGEL CASTILLO


Comedian/writer Angel Castillo sits down to discuss discovering wrestling post-Attitude Era, life as a wrestling fan on an Ivy League campus, specific personality quirks of the hardcore wrestling fan, his short-lived independent wrestling career, and more! Follow Angel on Twitter @AngelMCastillo


Wrestlefolks #11: MIKE BRIDENSTINE


This week, comedian/actor Mike Bridenstine sits down to discuss how sad we get when we find out that Kamala’s not really a Ugandan Giant, how action figure designers give Roddy Piper a little too much credit, why Yoshi Tatsu is a BAMF, and more! Follow Mike on Twitter @brido!

Wrestlefolks #10: FILTHY TOM LAWLOR

EPISODE 10 Filthy Tom Lawlor

This week, I sit down with UFC fighter “Filthy” Tom Lawlor on the podcast! We talk about how much of a fashion plate El Gigante was, Tom’s time as an indie wrestler in Florida, WWE NXT love, the time Tom walked out for a weigh-in as THE SHOCKMASTER, Tom’s WWE tryout years ago at Deep South Wrestling, his love for Japanese wrestling, and more!

Wrestlefolks #9: KEVIN MARSHALL #2 (E-Feds)

Episode 9 DOWNLOAD

Kevin Marshall (@KevinMarshall) is on the podcast for the second week in a row for our first themed episode! This week’s episode is devoted to the wild and ridiculous world of e-feds and online wrestling roleplay! From roleplaying federations to Twitter roleplay accounts to mail-in fantasy wrestling, we try to cover as much as we can in this extended episode! Find out our ridiculous fantasy wrestling names and why @GayJohnCena needs to be a thing!