Wrestlefolks #37: BRIAN PAPA/NICK MANIWA


TWO GUESTS! There are two guests this week because I love you all. First, Brian Papa (@bpapa) is an iOS developer, the creator of a Kickstarter for an awesome wrestling game, and a wrestling fan. He talks about why you should help him see his dream come true to bring RINGMASTER to life! (Check out the Kickstarter at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bpmapps/ringmaster)

Then, “Pro Wrestling’s BFF” Nick Maniwa (@nickmaniwa) (of The Reed Bentley & Nick Maniwa Variety Show) tells all about a kayfabulous trip to a flea market to meet Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and Virgil! Also, I forget how long we’ve been friends and have to ask on-air, we reference a wrestler from New York that absolutely no one listening would know, and discussion of a project we were both involved a while back – School of Roc: Class Wars (SPOILER ALERT: We both think Heidi Lovelace will be a millionaire someday). Check out #teambestdude at TeamBestDude.com


Fan to Fan #19: PHIL COLVIN


This week, AAW commentator Phil Colvin joins Kevin to talk about his wrestling fandom. Phil talks about discovering wrestling as a child, LJN figures, getting into the business, Shane Douglas, Jerry Lynn, Naruki Doi, Jim Ross, smelly hats, beer, and a lot more! A fun hour chat with one of the best announcers on the Indies today. 



This week, Rickey Shane Page joins Kevin to talk about his wrestling fandom. RSP discusses becoming a fan as a kid, moving into backyard wrestling, transitioning into actual training and the Ohio wrestling scene, some of his bigger feuds in AIW, and of course, the Extravaganza! Also discussed in the controversial topic of deathmatch wrestling. Why does Rickey enjoy these matches? What about it’s perception in the wrestling world? RSP has done a lot, and he and Kevin cover just about all of it.

Wrestlefolks #36: MATT RYAN RETURNS


Matt Ryan (@immattryan) is a comedian, a pro wrestling manager, a broadcaster, and a friend. He returns for his second appearance on the podcast – and it gets WEIRD. We were supposed to talk about the 1991 WCW Great American Bash and ended up in a strange neighborhood. Any accusations to popular yoga instructors/ex-wrestlers having improper relations with former nWo members is purely for entertainment purposes and not meant to be anything to be sued over. Follow me on Twitter – @NotThatTomGreen!

The Rocky Johnson Picture Show #6: STING: MOMENT OF TRUTH (w/Matthew Foster)


This is the worst fucking movie of all time. That is your disclaimer, your warning, or – to a brave few of you – your invitation. Ben (@ElPascoTexas) is joined by his longtime friend Matthew Foster (@MatthewDFoster) as they discuss the Christian propaganda film Sting: Moment of Truth. Along the way, the boys take detours with such topics as Steen: Moment of Truth, Ben’s misunderstanding about what the phrase “Big Man Upstairs” means, and how to be Sting for Halloween. It’s a terrible movie, but listen as an Agnotic slowly begins to consider atheism due to a film,

The Reed Bentley & Nick Maniwa Variety Hour #17


This weekend, Reed became Dreamwave Wrestling’s Alternative Champion. Nick got a bunch of phone calls from Jonathan Gresham while on commentary. All that, plus rundowns of IWA Mid-South and Dreamwave’s events this past weekend, a discussion about how hungry indie wrestlers are in 2013, gushing over this week in WWE, listener questions answered, and more!