The Reed Bentley & Nick Maniwa Variety Show #22


Reed has been boygetting VWAA. Nick almost cried while watching the Matt Striker shoot interview. All of that, plus more Royal Rumble talk, opinions on the CM Punk news, the Super Bowl, a rundown of this Saturday’s DREAMWAVE Wrestling card (featuring Reed defending his Alternative Championship against Marshe Rockett), worst road trips, and more!

Tonight, #TeamBestDude and the CWF Mid-Atlantic crew will be live-tweeting CWF Mid-Atlantic’s Night of the Grudges at 9PM! For more info on how can you join in, check out!

(Stay tuned after the episode for bonus audio from Sweet William’s Royal Rumble Party!)




Joe Gagne is the host and creator of Joe Gagne’s Funtime Pro Wrestling Arcade, the very best pro wrestling/video game/comedy web series in the history of Youtube. To celebrate Episode #50 and A WEEK OF FUNTIME, Joe & Tom (who works on the show as an editor) sit down for a special hour Q&A session! Best games, worst games, how we would program the perfect wrestling game, an argument over whether the other person works harder, and more!

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Fan to Fan #23: GEORGE HAZAR


One of the most positive wrestling fans in the world. George Hazar (aka Georgie Boy), shares some great stories from his time as a fan. Hear about his encounter with the 1-2-3 Kid at a bar, refereeing a match at Tournament of Death, seeing PWG live, and a whole lot more!

The Reed Bentley & Nick Maniwa Variety Show #21


Reed will get angry if you haven’t tried gummy worms. If you want to play 21, Nick has 22. Plus, Nick visits Pro Wrestling Elite in Columbus, Indiana, Reed takes another trip to the strip club, nobody knows how to pronounce “Emil”, Reed’s upcoming return to the Northeast, the Royal Rumble, and more!

Wrestlefolks #39: MARK GONZALES


Mark Gonzales is a Los Angeles-based comedian, once-customer of an RF Video kiosk, and former backyard wrestling hero. He sat down to talk about all of that, plus growing up as a Hulkamaniac, creepy phone calls from “Mr. California’s fans”, the night XPW invaded an ECW pay-per-view, and more! Maybe the first podcast to ever be recorded during an attempted home invasion! Check out Mark’s website at and follow him on Twitter @TheMarkGonzales!

Fan to Fan #22: BRYAN HUGHES


One of Kevin’s old pals, Bryan Hughes, sits down with him to chat about multiple things in the world of wrestling. Hear about how they wasted a year of their life working on a wrestling ARG, their random meeting at an ROH show, the infamous King of Trios 2011 after party, typical thoughts on people from the internet wrestling community, and other random musings and topics.

The Reed Bentley & Nick Maniwa Variety Show #20


Reed is worse at being alive than Danny Cannon. Nick had a cough go through his nose. Plus, Evolution Pro Wrestling goes on the road, Reed loses overness on EWR, a recap of last weekend’s IWA Mid-South card, #TeamBestDude not-so-live-tweeting, the oral history of Nick’s best friendship with Jeff Jarrett, and much more!