The Reed Bentley & Nick Maniwa Variety Show #25


Better late than never, it’s Episode #25 of the BNMVS! This week, Reed & Nick talk about IWA Mid-South, the launch of the WWE Network, memories of Big Daddy V, and more!


Wrestlefolks #43: BOBBY PHOBIA RETURNS


Bobby Phobia is a sideshow performer, pro wrestling manager, and host of Wrestling Mania: The Best of The Worst of Pro Wrestling. He returns to Wrestlefolks to chat about his recent dog-collar match with Homicide, great wrestling managers throughout the years, the role of the non-wrestler performer during a wrestling match, merchandising on the indie level for any artist, the progression of Wrestling Mania, and more!

Check out Wrestling Mania on Tuesday, February 25 in Brooklyn, NY at Union Hall! Bobby will be joined by co-host Dan Barry (wrestler/comedian), Katie Notopoulos (Buzzfeed), Rude Boy Riley (wrestler) and special guest Thomas Green (that’s me!)
Find Bobby on Twitter – @BobbyPhobia!

The Reed Bentley & Nick Maniwa Variety Show #24


Reed is like a Dymo label maker. Nick is a victim of gyro juice . Plus, the worst day of Nick’s life, a rundown of both IWA Mid-South shows this weekend, Dale Patricks poop torture, Reed’s continued desire for Trevor Lee to show him that dick, and a plea to wrestlers to be nicer people!

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Wrestlefolks #42: ERIK BARNES GOES TO RAW


Erik Barnes (comedian, actor, host of Leave The Memories Alone) attended WWE RAW this past Monday at Staples Center in Los Angeles and returns to the podcast to give his thoughts on the live experience! Included in his live thoughts are the theory that Drew McIntyre is the Ann/Egg/Her of WWE, a plea to angry CM Punk fans, and how much fun Ryback can be in-person! Follow Erik on Twitter – @ThatErikBarnes

Leave The Memories Alone #3: WWF IN YOUR HOUSE: BADD BLOOD (w/Brock Wilbur)


Comedians Erik Barnes (ThatErikBarnes) & Joe Starr (@joestarr187) watched WWF IN YOUR HOUSE: BADD BLOOD with their other comedian friend Brock Wilbur (@brockwilbur), then recorded a podcast about it. Brock isn’t a wrestling fan.

Listen to Erik & Joe try to help Brock wrap his brain around things like handicap matches, Mexican midget wrestlers named Mosaic, and Vince McMahon announcing Brian Pillman’s death between pro wrestling battles.

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Fan to Fan #25: BILLY KUMOHARA


CHIKARA’s Trivia Master sits down with Kevin to talk about, well, a lot of stuff! Billy and Kevin are alumnus from the same university, so naturally they swap some pretty out there stories from there times as undergrads. Of course wrestling is at the forefront of the conversation, with topics including ECW, radical gimmick changes, and of course, CHIKARA itself. If you only know Billy from the few times he’s been on DVD, you’re in for a real treat.

The Reed Bentley & Nick Maniwa Variety Show #23


Reed doesn’t take it seriously. Nick doesn’t have a smile that works in photographs.  Plus, a former World Champion is a sore loser at Wrestlemania 2000, thoughts on National Pro Wrestling Day, Reed looks back at his trip to DREAMWAVE Wrestling on Saturday, a preview of IWA Mid-South’s double-header this weekend, and more! Check out Reed Bentley’s Pro Wrestling Tees store at