Wrestlefolks #41: LEONARD F. CHIKARASON


Leonard F. Chikarason is a father, a beardsman, and my friend. We have an open, honest discussion about what’s been going on with CHIKARA and the Wrestling Is network of promotions over the past year and a half. From finding out when the CHIKARA shutdown was happening, the positives and negatives of how the Wrestling is promotions worked out, National Pro Wrestling Day 2014, and lively debate in-between – we cover practically all the ground that any fan of CHIKARA past or present would want covered and answer a lot of questions that have been asked and left unanswered since the beginning of 2013.

Between all of that earnestness, LFC and I spend so much time talking about some guy named Jerry, share concerns over the bronies documentary on Netflix, beg for people to buy Twitter followers, compare our local Chuck E. Cheese arcades, put out an alert for footage of the Indian version of WWE Smackdown, and find out that Philip Seymour Hoffman died on-air!  FOLLOW HIM ON TWITTER – @LFChikarason!


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