Wrestlefolks #47: WILL NOONAN



Will Noonan is a Bostonian, a comedian, and a pro wrestling fan. On the podcast this week, we chat about growing up in WWF country, the ebbs and flows of his wrestling fandom, the many similarities between wrestlers and stand-up comics, our mutual fondness for former WWE star Antonio “The Promise” Thomas, his recently-found passion for independent wrestling in his area, and adoration for Ryback!

Check out Will on Twitter – @willnoonan – and check out his podcasts HIGH PATHETICALLY and SPARE RIBS (with “Scott the Wrestler”) as well info on everything Will Noonan, at WillNoonan.com!


The Bentley & Maniwa Variety Show #27



Reed is believed to be Amish by some. Nick is Bushwhacker Luke’s new best friend. Plus, a full report from their big trip to the East Coast, Reed gets approached for cocaine, Nick moves into his new apartment, and really – isn’t it adorable when old wrestlers try to use iPhones? It’s really cute.



Fitz! The man behind the #FreeKevinFord campaign! “Fan to Fan” is usually a show where one learns about someone’s wrestling fandom, but this week we find out all about Alex as a person. From cosplaying Scarecrow, wrestling figures, wrestling fans, masks, King of Trios 2012, and his absurd eating habits (leading to talking about Wawa and other food establishments), many various topics are discussed on a very special episode.



Sean Blazed is a handsome person, a Canadian, and one of the funniest people on Twitter. He returns to the podcast to drop all of his thoughts on the Wrestlemania 30 landscape, plus discusses how ridiculous Kane’s closet must look like, the absolute worst Daniel Bryan scenario anyone’s come up with for Wrestlemania this year, WWE screwing over Canadians with NXT ArRIVAL, the rules in TNA, how you need to stop everything you’re doing and join the Adam Rose party, Prince Devitt possibly jumping to WWE, and that storyline on Total Divas where Summer Rae’s into big ol’ dongs.

Over 15,000 people can’t be wrong – follow Sean on Twitter  – @seanblazed!

Leave The Memories #4.5: WOW UNLEASHED (w/Thomas Green)


This time, Erik sits down with Thomas Green (host of Wrestlefolks) to conclude the second part of their look back at the 2001 pay-per-view horror story WOMEN OF WRESTLING: UNLEASHED. Unleashed is seriously one of the worst wrestling shows of all-time, but the referee fell off of the top of a steel cage, which is kind of rad.

(Check out PART ONE of the review by CLICKING HERE!)

Fan to Fan #27: TODD JOERCHEL


Todd may not be a name you recognize, but his fingerprints are all over Filsinger Games’ products, the premier company that has produced several pro wrestling card and dice games for over 25 years. Todd discusses how he became a fan of the WWF, what got him back into wrestling in the late 90s, wrestling figures, CHIKARA, fathering two children who enjoy wrestling, tons of talk on some of the history of Filsinger Games and how they got involved with independent wrestling promotions, and the skinny on a cool new project that will bring some of their classic characters to life. This is an episode unlike any other before it. If you are unfamiliar with Filsinger Games, this show is just for you.



Brian Maxwell Mann (Now This Entertainment, former WWE writer) returns again to talk current events in the WWE Universe! In this hour, Brian shares his thoughts on the WWE Network after two weeks, gives his opinion on how the “road to Wrestlemania” is currently being paved, tells what he would do with the current Daniel Bryan/Triple H/Randy Orton/Batista situation, and discusses the trajectory of The Shield and Bray Wyatt! Plus, hear about a unique creative pitch once delivered by a former Four Horseman in a WWE production meeting for one of Mark Henry’s big returns!

Check out Brian on Twitter – @BrianMaxMann!