Fan to Fan #32: LARRY CSONKA


Webmaster of 411 Mania’s Wrestling and MMA sites Larry Csonka sits down with Kevin to talk all the joys and woes of running a popular wrestling (and pop culture) website! All the fun things like commenters, proper credit on articles, and much more are discussed. Of course, Larry’s wrestling fandom is also talked about, specifically growing up as an NWA fan, trying his hand at being a pro wrestler, and nearly getting verbally destroyed by Jim Cornette.

Wrestlefolks #50: STEVE AMIRI & ROB FEE



Rob Fee (, Thought Catalog, The Ellen Show) & Steve Amiri (Witstream) both return to the podcast – at the same time! We discuss crazy Meng stories, practical uses for Dusty Rhodes’ scar tissue, how to deal with wrestlers at sci-fi conventions, the time Vince McMahon shoved crushed leaves inside of a woman, nWo fashions, and more!


Steve – @SteveAmiri
Rob – @robfee

The Reed Bentley & Nick Maniwa Variety Show #28



Reed promises that he won’t say the n-word on your wrestling show. Nick expected way more people to come to his WrestleMania party. Plus, Reed tells all about his trip to New Orleans a couple of weeks ago, Nick breaks in his new apartment, Reed is shocked to find out that a former Ring of Honor Champion knew who he was, and once and for all – find out what REALLY happened between Reed and Jeff Jarrett at IWA Mid-South!

Fan to Fan #31: MIKE FALCONE


Former podcaster and blogger Mike Falcone sits down with Kevin for a lengthy chat on many topics, including wrestling gimmicks, the parallels between wrestlers and comedians, Saturday Night Live, the growth of technology and how it’s affected the way we watch wrestling, the state of the Indies today, and much more. A very fun and interesting chat you won’t want to miss out on!



Steve Amiri is a kind fellow, one of the funniest tweeters on Twitter, and a huge wrestling fan. He’s on the podcast this week to talk about his big trip to Wrestlemania 30 in New Orleans! Steve goes through his entire weekend, from the quest for a hoodie for an unprepared friend to stuttering to an awkward first meeting with Colt Cabana to turning down free pizza rolls at the Superdome! Oh, and he saw some really good pro wrestling too.

Almost 20,000 followers can’t be wrong – follow Steve and his hilarious tweets! @SteveAmiri – Go! Follow!

Fan to Fan #30: EMIL J


You may have heard Emil J behind a microphone many times before, but not like this. This time we talk about Emil growing up as a fan of the WWF, getting into the Indies, and breaking it into the business as a ring announcer and broadcaster. Emil also went to New Orleans for WrestleMania, which naturally leads to conversations of strip clubs, the rib that is cover charges, and the Ultimate Warrior. To say this episode is unique would be an understatement. Check it out!




Former WWE writer/current Now This News producer Brian Maxwell Mann was on about a month ago to preview WrestleMania 30 – now it’s time for us to eat crow! In this super-sized episode of the podcast, we run through all the major happenings of a very crazy WrestleMania week! Lots of thoughts on some of the excellent Wrestlemania-centric WWE Network programming, the balance between letting fans tell the company what they want and commanding the fans on where to go,  how badly Jerry Lawler is hurting WWE programming right now, the end of The Undertaker’s Streak, and a completely out-of-left-field idea for the future of John Cena!

Follow Brian on Twitter – @BrianMaxMann!