Wrestlefolks #55: The Pizza Episode (STEPHANIE SOTTILE)

Wrestlefolks 55 art


This week, we celebrate pro wrestling’s involvement in the best thing ever – pizza! Actress/comedienne Stephanie Sottile (@StephSottile) returns to the podcast to look at five EXTREMELY strange pizza commercials starring professional wrestlers! We watch and talk about…

– A bunch of unknown independent wrestlers getting a free dinner in exchange for letting some dude record them eating
– Kurt Angle being totally cool with being delivered a pizza that talks and fights
– Meng & Goldberg stopping a wrestling match to have dinner
– The Von Erichs eating a lot of pizza with all of their teeth
– Some dude who shot a four-minute “commercial” in a graveyard to promote WWF Summerslam 1994 and the pizza place he manages



This episode is sponsored by DIGIORNO PIZZA – available in grocery stores and supermarkets everywhere! It’s not delivery – it’s DiGiorno!


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