Wrestlefolks #58: JAKE PLUNKETT

Wrestlefolks 58 art



Jake Plunkett (@jakeplunkett) makes his first visit to the podcast to watch some weird wrestling videos on the internet, such as…

– A homeless Doink The Clown who hates garbage
– “The Redneck” Jake Fury and STAIKER MARK let us know that they’re coming to take over Ultimate Wrestling
– The Ultimate Warrior & Hulk Hogan have violent yoga orgasms on tape
– The famous Men On A Mission debut rap video
– “Macho Man” Randy Savage makes his hip-hop debut and samples the aforementioned Men On A Mission beat

Plus, Jake tells the story of working with Dolph Ziggler and other WWE stars on an episode of MTV Silent Library, and more!

Follow Jake on Twitter (Twitter handle above) and make sure to tune in to Saturday Night Live on NBC when it returns in the fall!


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