Wrestlefolks #60: WILL NOONAN RETURNS

wrestlefolks 60 art

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WILL NOONAN (comedian, podcaster – High Pathetically, Spare Ribs) returns to the podcast to watch some bad wrestling videos on the internet, like…

– Sgt. Slaughter’s sexy 80’s monster truck music video
– “Rowdy” Roddy Piper shows his balls to Mike Patton of Faith No More
– Vince McMahon swears that his superheroes don’t do drugs
– Brother Midnight and Sweet Daddy Caddy go on a pants strike
– The most adorable wrestling promo ever

Follow Will on Twitter (@willnoonan) and check out WillNoonan.com – your one-stop hub for everything happening in Will’s career, including his recent comedy album on iTunes!


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