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Comedian Will Noonan (@willnoonan) returns to the podcast to tell the tale of his first entry into the squared circle! At Beyond Wrestling’s Americanrana event recently, he and fellow comedian Ry Doon joined a slew of actual pro wrestlers in a big ol’ American-style battle royal! Find out how this all was organized, how Will felt going into this match, an entire rundown of events the day of the event, and what exactly happened to Will’s poor chest?!?!

Plus, we watched a few weird videos on Youtube!

– Diesel & Shawn Michaels get critiqued on their match organization by Kathie Lee Gifford
– Terry Funk is interviewed by the only man alive who doesn’t think the bow tie goes underneath your collar
– Jerry Lawler advises us on how many Puerto Ricans we should own

And more! Check out the online hub for all things Will Noonan – WillNoonan.com!


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