Wrestlefolks #66: LEONARD F. CHIKARASON’S MONTHLY VISIT (September 2014)

wrestlefolks 66 art



Podcaster/pro wrestling commentator/quality friend LEONARD F. CHIKARASON (Longbox Heroes, Absolute Intense Wrestling, CHIKARA) returns for his monthly super-sized visit to the podcast! This month, we return to that format we threw out the window last month, watching some weird wrestling videos on Youtube, such as…

– Kevin Nash singing a duet with his new best friend, Martin Short
– Konnan convincing World Championship Wrestling to spend $250,000 so he could get stoned with his friends and screw around with a camera
– Scott Steiner does morning newscast; gets hit on by the owner of a Shoney’s restaurant

Before the fun, we have a legitimately thoughtful discussion about depression and anxiety, and how to deal with both of them (both in constructive and destructive ways). If that’s not your thing, you can skip to the 50:00 mark.




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