Wrestlefolks #71: HARRY TERJANIAN


Harry Terjanian (@HarryTerjanian) is an Andy Kaufman Award-winning comedian, a gracious host for houseguests who enter his apartment, and a pro wrestling fan! This week, we take Wrestlefolks to New Jersey and watch weird wrestling videos on Youtube from Harry’s couch, such as…

– Razor Ramon HG charming all of Japan
– Scott Steiner & Buff Bagwell break a traffic law in Massachusetts; become state police officers
– Kowabunga The Wrestling Turtle is both horny and ready to wrestle
– Howard Finkel is coming to Memphis, Tennessee – and he’s coming to take out anyone who cannot read a map

…and more!

Check out Harry’s website for everything Harry Terjanian – IHateComedy.com!

Want to see the videos we talk about on the podcast? SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel HERE and get the playlists every week before the podcast goes up!


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