The Rocky Johnson Picture Show #6: STING: MOMENT OF TRUTH (w/Matthew Foster)


This is the worst fucking movie of all time. That is your disclaimer, your warning, or – to a brave few of you – your invitation. Ben (@ElPascoTexas) is joined by his longtime friend Matthew Foster (@MatthewDFoster) as they discuss the Christian propaganda film Sting: Moment of Truth. Along the way, the boys take detours with such topics as Steen: Moment of Truth, Ben’s misunderstanding about what the phrase “Big Man Upstairs” means, and how to be Sting for Halloween. It’s a terrible movie, but listen as an Agnotic slowly begins to consider atheism due to a film,


The Rocky Johnson Picture Show #4: BACKYARD DOGS


This week on the Rocky Johnson Picture Show, Ben decides to keep it in the family by inviting his brother Ryan on to share in a verbal trashing of the 1999 film Backyard Dogs. The brothers Pasco decide to celebrate Thankgiving the old fashioned way: criticizing somebody else’s work. Along the way, they discuss their racial background, forgotten concussions, and Cole the Outlaw Davis’s giant, giant mouth. So click the hyperlink, spam your email and settle in for 50 minutes of two brothers potentially disappointing their mother.

The Rocky Johnson Picture Show #3: BEYOND THE MAT (w/Bryan Hughes)


This week, Ben is joined by his pal Bryan Hughes (@BryanisNotFunny, ItsRainingMeng ( to discuss the legendary wrestling documentary Beyond the Mat. Discussed on the show: how to spell “Koko B Ware”, their first indy shows, roles New Jack should have auditioned for, and the timeless aged appearance of Terry Funk. Listen to the show and enjoy it — don’t be a #TypicalNeckBeardWrestlingFan.

The Rocky Johnson Picture Show #2: READY TO RUMBLE (w/Alex Fitzgerald)



Ben is joined by friend and noted barely-legal misanthrope Alex Fitzgerald to discuss the classic WCW film Ready to Rumble.  The two take a trip down memory lane that Fitz was barely alive for and try to come to terms with whether or not the movie was actually good. Plus, we play Nitro Girl or American Gladiator, show off our depressing Kevin Von Erich impressions and terrible Southern accents, and tell inevitable Chris Benoit jokes.  Check out Alex Fitzgerald and the boys of ItsRainingMeng at Tweet at us – use the hashtag #HiptossBaby

The Rocky Johnson Picture Show #1: SLAMMED (w/Ben Gordon)


Every week, host Ben Pasco (@ElPascoTexas) and a guest review a feature film tied into pro wrestling somehow – the bad and the ugly. On this inaugural episode, Pasco is joined by Ben Gordon (@BigBen213) to review 2004’s SLAMMED. starring Sasha Mitchell & Zachary Ty Bryan!

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