The Rocky Johnson Picture Show #5: CHRISTMAS BOUNTY


This week on the Rocky Johnson Picture Show, Ben is joined by Wrestlefolks Podcast Network HBIAC Tom Green (@NotThatTomGreen) to talk about the ABC Family original film Christmas Bounty. Along the way, the boys discuss How to do a Bane Impression, what girls whisper to guys in movies, and WHY THIS MOVIE HAS SUCH A TERRIBLE ENDING. Enjoy 90 minutes (20 minutes longer than the movie) of two pals riffing and saying #ButtStuff over and over again.


The Reed Bentley & Nick Maniwa Variety Show #12


Pro Wrestling’s BFF and his BFF chat about their weekends, the EPW Hardcore Harvest deathmatch show Nick helped organize, Reed’s big Survivor Series match at Dreamwave Wrestling, the return of IWA Mid-South in December, and more!