Wrestlefolks #39: MARK GONZALES


Mark Gonzales is a Los Angeles-based comedian, once-customer of an RF Video kiosk, and former backyard wrestling hero. He sat down to talk about all of that, plus growing up as a Hulkamaniac, creepy phone calls from “Mr. California’s fans”, the night XPW invaded an ECW pay-per-view, and more! Maybe the first podcast to ever be recorded during an attempted home invasion! Check out Mark’s website at TheFakeMarkGonzales.com and follow him on Twitter @TheMarkGonzales!


The Rocky Johnson Picture Show #4: BACKYARD DOGS


This week on the Rocky Johnson Picture Show, Ben decides to keep it in the family by inviting his brother Ryan on to share in a verbal trashing of the 1999 film Backyard Dogs. The brothers Pasco decide to celebrate Thankgiving the old fashioned way: criticizing somebody else’s work. Along the way, they discuss their racial background, forgotten concussions, and Cole the Outlaw Davis’s giant, giant mouth. So click the hyperlink, spam your email and settle in for 50 minutes of two brothers potentially disappointing their mother.

Wrestlefolks #24: SEAN COLLIER (Wrestling Films)


Sean Collier (comedian/film critic – check out YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH on iTunes) sits down to discuss the finest in pro wrestling cinema! Body Slam, Backyard Dogs, and if we can consider They Live as a proper wrestling film?