Wrestlefolks #68: SEAN BLAZED


SEAN BLAZED (@seanblazed) returns to the podcast to watch some weird wrestling clips on Youtube with me, such as…

– Alex Wright doing a quick three at a WCW Thunder open-mic
– Scott Steiner & Test arguing over which of them own actress Stacy Keibler
– Hulk Hogan insults New Japan Pro Wrestling’s top stars with some tourist-level Japanese
– THAT’S GOTTA BE – IT’S GOTTA BE KANE…at a backyard wrestling event.
– Pro wrestling’s best manager/promoter puts all of Japan on notice

Plus, Sean vents about how awful Canada’s version of the WWE Network is and gushes about how awesome New Japan and NXT are!

This is the part where I tell you to follow the guest on Twitter, but seriously, FOLLOW SEAN ON TWITTER. He’s one of the funniest people on it.

(WARNING: Due to a faulty microphone wire, the recording only picked up my computer’s microphone on Skype. Sean sounds silky-smooth, but my audio’s rougher than usual. My apologies.)



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Wrestlefolks 53 art


Mark Gonzales (comedian – MarkTheGonzales.com) returns to the podcast and jumps down the Youtube rabbit hole! On this edition, we watch and comment on…

– Hulk Hogan accidentally pitching Hogan Knows Best on The Tonight Show in 1994
– 3MB’s first concert, from the WWE App
– Tracy Smothers’ inability to remember whether or not Pat Tanaka is on his team in an interpromotional brawl
– That one time that The Sandman was Raven’s affluent brother
– National Enquirer TV’s hard-hitting look at the dangerous world of backyard wrestling!

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