Wrestlefolks #82: MONSTER TRUCK MADNESS (w/Leonard F. Chikarason)


Leonard F. Chikarason returns to the podcast to discuss – wait for it – MONSTER TRUCKS! He recently attended a MONSTER JAM event in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania with his family and lived to tell about it! We delve into a brief history of monster trucks, a comparison of the differences between Monster Truck Nationals and Monster Jam (SPOILER – it’s like NXT and Monday Night Raw), the controversy behind Bigfoot splitting from the Monster Jam circuit, and what professional wrestling could learn from the bookers who write for monster trucks!

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Wrestlefolks #73: LEONARD F. CHIKARASON’S MONTHLY VISIT (November 2014)


Podcaster/wrestling commentator Leonard F. Chikarason (Longbox Heroes, Absolute Intense Wrestling,CHIKARA) makes his monthly visit to the podcast! As always, we check out some weird pro wrestling videos on Youtube, such as…

– Michael Hayes releases new single; doesn’t preach at all, brother.
– Tony Schiavone welcomes trick-or-treaters into his home
– Vince Russo lays down the law in England via Skype

Plus, LFC answers YOUR questions about life, love, and freckles from Twitter!

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Wrestlefolks #66: LEONARD F. CHIKARASON’S MONTHLY VISIT (September 2014)

wrestlefolks 66 art



Podcaster/pro wrestling commentator/quality friend LEONARD F. CHIKARASON (Longbox Heroes, Absolute Intense Wrestling, CHIKARA) returns for his monthly super-sized visit to the podcast! This month, we return to that format we threw out the window last month, watching some weird wrestling videos on Youtube, such as…

– Kevin Nash singing a duet with his new best friend, Martin Short
– Konnan convincing World Championship Wrestling to spend $250,000 so he could get stoned with his friends and screw around with a camera
– Scott Steiner does morning newscast; gets hit on by the owner of a Shoney’s restaurant

Before the fun, we have a legitimately thoughtful discussion about depression and anxiety, and how to deal with both of them (both in constructive and destructive ways). If that’s not your thing, you can skip to the 50:00 mark.




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Wrestlefolks #56: LEONARD F. CHIKARASON’S MONTHLY VISIT (June 2014)

Wrestlefolks 56 art


LEONARD F. CHIKARASON (podcast host – LONGBOX HEROES, wrestling commentator – ABSOLUTE INTENSE WRESTLING, CHIKARA) returns to Wrestlefolks for his now-monthly TWO HOUR visit to watch some weird stuff on Youtube! Such as…

– Buff Bagwell showing his stuff on The Jenny Jones Show
– “Mean” Gene Okerlund showing some young kids how it’s done
– The Road Warriors getting their D’s wet on 1989 sitcom Learning The Ropes
– Korchenko, the only Russian ever born in Jerry Lawler’s basement
– Nasty Boy/Hulk Hogan’s fattie Brian Knobbs’ reality television debut

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Wrestlefolks 52 art


This week, LEONARD F. CHIKARASON (wrestling commentator – CHIKARA, Absolute Intense Wrestling; podcaster – Weekly Longbox, Dadstractions) returns to the podcast and jumps down the Youtube rabbit hole! In this 90-minute conversation, we watch and comment on:

– That time the entire World Wrestling Federation came together to testify on behalf of The Iron Sheik in a misdemeanor assault trial
– “Rowdy” Roddy Piper being kind of racist in 1986
– WWE Superstar Cesaro stopping time with a popular German folk dance
– The originators of time travel in pro wrestling, The New Breed
– The Prince Of Wrestling cuts a promo that none of us are old enough to listen to

To watch the videos from this episode, check out this Youtube playlist at TinyURL.com/WFolks52Playlist

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DISCLAIMER: This week’s episode suffers from momentary audio issues that have been found and fixed for next week’s episode. 


Fan to Fan #25: BILLY KUMOHARA


CHIKARA’s Trivia Master sits down with Kevin to talk about, well, a lot of stuff! Billy and Kevin are alumnus from the same university, so naturally they swap some pretty out there stories from there times as undergrads. Of course wrestling is at the forefront of the conversation, with topics including ECW, radical gimmick changes, and of course, CHIKARA itself. If you only know Billy from the few times he’s been on DVD, you’re in for a real treat.

Wrestlefolks #41: LEONARD F. CHIKARASON


Leonard F. Chikarason is a father, a beardsman, and my friend. We have an open, honest discussion about what’s been going on with CHIKARA and the Wrestling Is network of promotions over the past year and a half. From finding out when the CHIKARA shutdown was happening, the positives and negatives of how the Wrestling is promotions worked out, National Pro Wrestling Day 2014, and lively debate in-between – we cover practically all the ground that any fan of CHIKARA past or present would want covered and answer a lot of questions that have been asked and left unanswered since the beginning of 2013.

Between all of that earnestness, LFC and I spend so much time talking about some guy named Jerry, share concerns over the bronies documentary on Netflix, beg for people to buy Twitter followers, compare our local Chuck E. Cheese arcades, put out an alert for footage of the Indian version of WWE Smackdown, and find out that Philip Seymour Hoffman died on-air!  FOLLOW HIM ON TWITTER – @LFChikarason!