Wrestlefolks #82: MONSTER TRUCK MADNESS (w/Leonard F. Chikarason)


Leonard F. Chikarason returns to the podcast to discuss – wait for it – MONSTER TRUCKS! He recently attended a MONSTER JAM event in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania with his family and lived to tell about it! We delve into a brief history of monster trucks, a comparison of the differences between Monster Truck Nationals and Monster Jam (SPOILER – it’s like NXT and Monday Night Raw), the controversy behind Bigfoot splitting from the Monster Jam circuit, and what professional wrestling could learn from the bookers who write for monster trucks!

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Wrestlefolks #69: LEONARD F. CHIKARASON’S MONTHLY VISIT (October 2014)


Podcaster/wrestling commentator Leonard F. Chikarason (Longbox Heroes, Absolute Intense Wrestling, CHIKARA) makes his monthly visit to the podcast! We keep this one under 90 minutes for the first time in our podcasting love affair.

Instead of a number of weird Youtube clips, we watched a special World Championship Wrestling episode of Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, where Sting, Madusa, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper got really, really upset within seconds of the panel beginning. It’s a jewel!

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Wrestlefolks #56: LEONARD F. CHIKARASON’S MONTHLY VISIT (June 2014)

Wrestlefolks 56 art


LEONARD F. CHIKARASON (podcast host – LONGBOX HEROES, wrestling commentator – ABSOLUTE INTENSE WRESTLING, CHIKARA) returns to Wrestlefolks for his now-monthly TWO HOUR visit to watch some weird stuff on Youtube! Such as…

– Buff Bagwell showing his stuff on The Jenny Jones Show
– “Mean” Gene Okerlund showing some young kids how it’s done
– The Road Warriors getting their D’s wet on 1989 sitcom Learning The Ropes
– Korchenko, the only Russian ever born in Jerry Lawler’s basement
– Nasty Boy/Hulk Hogan’s fattie Brian Knobbs’ reality television debut

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Fan to Fan #29: CASEY MITCHEM


Casey and Kevin met by happenstance many moons ago, and in this episode of “Fan to Fan”, Kevin gets to learn a lot about his new pals backstory. There’s much discussion of growing up on WWF and WCW, the WWE Network, Michinoku Pro and ECW, the appeal of used book stores, CHIKARA, the culture of wrestling fandom, and a whole bunch of other topics. The name Casey Mitchem may not strike you, but the titillating conversation is more than worthy of a listen.



Fitz! The man behind the #FreeKevinFord campaign! “Fan to Fan” is usually a show where one learns about someone’s wrestling fandom, but this week we find out all about Alex as a person. From cosplaying Scarecrow, wrestling figures, wrestling fans, masks, King of Trios 2012, and his absurd eating habits (leading to talking about Wawa and other food establishments), many various topics are discussed on a very special episode.

Fan to Fan #25: BILLY KUMOHARA


CHIKARA’s Trivia Master sits down with Kevin to talk about, well, a lot of stuff! Billy and Kevin are alumnus from the same university, so naturally they swap some pretty out there stories from there times as undergrads. Of course wrestling is at the forefront of the conversation, with topics including ECW, radical gimmick changes, and of course, CHIKARA itself. If you only know Billy from the few times he’s been on DVD, you’re in for a real treat.

The Reed Bentley & Nick Maniwa Variety Show #23


Reed doesn’t take it seriously. Nick doesn’t have a smile that works in photographs.  Plus, a former World Champion is a sore loser at Wrestlemania 2000, thoughts on National Pro Wrestling Day, Reed looks back at his trip to DREAMWAVE Wrestling on Saturday, a preview of IWA Mid-South’s double-header this weekend, and more! Check out Reed Bentley’s Pro Wrestling Tees store at ProWrestlingTees.com/ReedBentley