Wrestlefolks #78: MIKE PACE


Mike Pace (Oxford Collapse, Mike Pace & The Child Actors) is on the podcast this week to discuss the bizarre nature of how pro wrestling deals with popular music, as we watch bad Youtube clips, such as…

– P.N. News breaking it down at the Bull Drop Inn
– The debut single from rising heavy metal star Van Hammer
– Man Mountain Rock – pro wrestler/Chuck Berry enthusiast
– The king of bad Memphis Wrestling music videos

Plus more!

Look out for Mike Pace & The Child Actors’ debut album – Best Boy – coming out January 13! Get more info at their official website!

Check out this music video for a single from the album – “Fire Sale” (featuring frequent Wrestlefolks guest Brian Mann in a cameo)

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Wrestlefolks #43: BOBBY PHOBIA RETURNS


Bobby Phobia is a sideshow performer, pro wrestling manager, and host of Wrestling Mania: The Best of The Worst of Pro Wrestling. He returns to Wrestlefolks to chat about his recent dog-collar match with Homicide, great wrestling managers throughout the years, the role of the non-wrestler performer during a wrestling match, merchandising on the indie level for any artist, the progression of Wrestling Mania, and more!

Check out Wrestling Mania on Tuesday, February 25 in Brooklyn, NY at Union Hall! Bobby will be joined by co-host Dan Barry (wrestler/comedian), Katie Notopoulos (Buzzfeed), Rude Boy Riley (wrestler) and special guest Thomas Green (that’s me!)
Find Bobby on Twitter – @BobbyPhobia!