Wrestlefolks #39: MARK GONZALES


Mark Gonzales is a Los Angeles-based comedian, once-customer of an RF Video kiosk, and former backyard wrestling hero. He sat down to talk about all of that, plus growing up as a Hulkamaniac, creepy phone calls from “Mr. California’s fans”, the night XPW invaded an ECW pay-per-view, and more! Maybe the first podcast to ever be recorded during an attempted home invasion! Check out Mark’s website at TheFakeMarkGonzales.com and follow him on Twitter @TheMarkGonzales!


Fan to Fan #19: PHIL COLVIN


This week, AAW commentator Phil Colvin joins Kevin to talk about his wrestling fandom. Phil talks about discovering wrestling as a child, LJN figures, getting into the business, Shane Douglas, Jerry Lynn, Naruki Doi, Jim Ross, smelly hats, beer, and a lot more! A fun hour chat with one of the best announcers on the Indies today.