Wrestlefolks #77: KENNY HERZOG


In this special mid-week episode of the podcast, Kenny Herzog returns to discuss his Rolling Stone Q&A article with former WWE Superstar and current UFC-contracted fighter CM Punk (read here)! We discuss how the interview was put together, interesting tidbits that were cut out of the article, how Punk might draw on pay-per-view compared to other wrestlers-turned-fighters, his other wrestling-related articles on RollingStone.com, and just what the heck was Punk buying at Walgreens?

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Wrestlefolks #70: KENNY HERZOG


Kenny Herzog
is a freelance writer (AV Club, Spin, Vulture) who recently began writing WWE Monday Night Raw reviews for RollingStone.com. He’s on the podcast this week to watch some weird wrestling clips on Youtube, such as…

– The Ultimate Warrior stops being polite and starts being real
– Brutus Beefcake warns us of the dangers of overweight hillbillies falling on us
– Hulk Hogan drags a camera operator into the Dungeon of Doom
– Ric Flair & Vader are so angry that Ric puts on mascara!

All of this, plus we talk about Kenny’s recent articles for Rolling Stone, growing up as a fan, and how Daniel Bryan is the most Pitchfork-friendly star in WWE history!



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