Wrestlefolks Presents…SUPER SLOPPY DOUBLE DARE – WWF SLOP-A-MANIA 2 (Special Craft Services Worker Commentary Track)


In 1989, WWF Superstars Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Mr. Perfect guest-starred on an episode of Nickelodeon’s Super Sloppy Double Dare, hosted by Marc Summers. We wanted to cover the entire episode, but it’s 22 minutes long. Luckily, I was able to track down someone involved in the production.

Amos Rabinovich-Perez will go down in history as Hollywood’s youngest full-time craft services worker ever. At age 12, he ran craft services for Double Dare and, after years of living in silence on a ranch in Cody, Wyoming, he’s breaking his silence with this special audio commentary track about this specific episode (one of his favorites)! The on-set gossip, the shocking friendship he built, the sex, the drugs, and the rock ‘n’ roll! All of the gossip is here!


LEAVE THE MEMORIES ALONE #1 – 1992 WWF Royal Rumble (w/Nat Baimel)


Frequent WRESTLEFOLKS guest Erik Barnes (@ThatErikBarnes) joined forces with fellow comedian Joe Starr (@joestarr187) to start a humorous retro pro wrestling review podcast. The bad news is there are only a limited number of episodes recorded due to unforeseen circumstances. The good news is we’ll be releasing one every four weeks for the next few months! On the inaugural episode, they’re joined by their pal and comedian Nat Baimel (@natbaimel) to discuss the 1992 WWF Royal Rumble and High Energy’s Saved by the Bell pants!