Wrestlefolks #81: DANIEL EASTMAN


Daniel Eastman is on the podcast to watch bad wrestling promos on Youtube with me! On this episode…

– Road Warrior Hawk offers Demolition some awful depression solutions
– Demolition runs the height of the Sears Tower to avoid being booped in the head with a cane
– “Rowdy” Roddy Piper tells some jokes about the Iron Sheik; doesn’t stop with the punchlines
– Hacksaw Jim Duggan struggles to yell at his opponents while carrying all of the props

Plus lots of salacious talk about gender rights and wrestling people who have podcasts but talk about dumb stuff!

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Wrestlefolks #79: MATT RYAN


Independent wrestling manager/podcaster/broadcaster Matt Ryan returns to the podcast to watch some more bad pro wrestling videos on YouTube, such as…

– King Kong Bundy for Vendex Computers
– WCW makes its most desperate move during the Monday Night Wars – reaching out to Mancow for publicity
– Mr. Fuji threatens the life of a young woman for a bad massage; Vince McMahon giggles

And more! Plus, we discuss the evolving world of content distribution and launching a new brand in the crowded indie wrestling market!

Check out 2KW Pro’s The Next Step – Saturday, January 17th in The Bronx, New York!

Listen to Matt’s newest podcasting ventures (both with frequent Wrestlefolks guest Stephanie Sottile)!

No Small Talk


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FAN TO FAN #13: Thomas Green (Wrestlefolks)


This week, Kevin’s joined by Wrestlefolks commandant Thomas Green for a two-hour joyride through his personal and pro wrestling life! From humble beginnings as a child making up fake Top Ten lists to tales of striking out with gals in high school all the way to his run with SOR Class Wars, Kevin digs deep and has some fun!