Wrestlefolks #73: LEONARD F. CHIKARASON’S MONTHLY VISIT (November 2014)


Podcaster/wrestling commentator Leonard F. Chikarason (Longbox Heroes, Absolute Intense Wrestling,CHIKARA) makes his monthly visit to the podcast! As always, we check out some weird pro wrestling videos on Youtube, such as…

– Michael Hayes releases new single; doesn’t preach at all, brother.
– Tony Schiavone welcomes trick-or-treaters into his home
– Vince Russo lays down the law in England via Skype

Plus, LFC answers YOUR questions about life, love, and freckles from Twitter!

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Wrestlefolks #71: HARRY TERJANIAN


Harry Terjanian (@HarryTerjanian) is an Andy Kaufman Award-winning comedian, a gracious host for houseguests who enter his apartment, and a pro wrestling fan! This week, we take Wrestlefolks to New Jersey and watch weird wrestling videos on Youtube from Harry’s couch, such as…

– Razor Ramon HG charming all of Japan
– Scott Steiner & Buff Bagwell break a traffic law in Massachusetts; become state police officers
– Kowabunga The Wrestling Turtle is both horny and ready to wrestle
– Howard Finkel is coming to Memphis, Tennessee – and he’s coming to take out anyone who cannot read a map

…and more!

Check out Harry’s website for everything Harry Terjanian – IHateComedy.com!

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Wrestlefolks #70: KENNY HERZOG


Kenny Herzog
is a freelance writer (AV Club, Spin, Vulture) who recently began writing WWE Monday Night Raw reviews for RollingStone.com. He’s on the podcast this week to watch some weird wrestling clips on Youtube, such as…

– The Ultimate Warrior stops being polite and starts being real
– Brutus Beefcake warns us of the dangers of overweight hillbillies falling on us
– Hulk Hogan drags a camera operator into the Dungeon of Doom
– Ric Flair & Vader are so angry that Ric puts on mascara!

All of this, plus we talk about Kenny’s recent articles for Rolling Stone, growing up as a fan, and how Daniel Bryan is the most Pitchfork-friendly star in WWE history!



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Wrestlefolks #57: ANDY PETERS

Wrestlefolks 57 art
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Andy Peters (comedian, podcast host – Wandertown) comes to the podcast for the first time to watch some weird wrestling videos on Youtube, like…

– Rick Derringer remixes his most famous song in the most expensive Youtube video ever
– Ric Flair & Mr. Perfect play their favorite voicemails over a boombox on a picnic
– THE MONSTER MENG speaks; Lee Marshall doesn’t listen
– The most unlikely artist to perform “God Bless America” ever
– The World Wrestling Federation drives home the point that there’s no hope with dope

Plus, a theoretical debate on the infrastructure of Planet Funk’s government and more!

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Leave The Memories Alone #7: WCW GREAT AMERICAN BASH 1989 (w/Nat Baimel)


Erik Barnes (@ThatErikBarnes) returns to the podcast waves with his frequent partner Nat Baimel (@natbaimel) to look at what is often considered to be one of the best WCW pay-per-view events of all-time – the 1989 Great American Bash! Does Teddy Long have Benjamin Button disease? Are battle royals kinda racist? Should they have left the memories alone?



Wrestlefolks 53 art


Mark Gonzales (comedian – MarkTheGonzales.com) returns to the podcast and jumps down the Youtube rabbit hole! On this edition, we watch and comment on…

– Hulk Hogan accidentally pitching Hogan Knows Best on The Tonight Show in 1994
– 3MB’s first concert, from the WWE App
– Tracy Smothers’ inability to remember whether or not Pat Tanaka is on his team in an interpromotional brawl
– That one time that The Sandman was Raven’s affluent brother
– National Enquirer TV’s hard-hitting look at the dangerous world of backyard wrestling!

To watch the videos from this episode, go to TinyURL.com/WFolks53Playlist

Follow Mark on Twitter – @markthegonzales!



Matt & Steph


Sports broadcaster/comedian/podcaster/independent wrestling manager/Slash from Guns ‘n’ Roses Matt Ryan returns to the show, as we experiment with a new format! Join us as we jump down the Youtube rabbit hole and explore the wild world of weird wrestling – Thunderbolt Patterson not knowing how to end sentences, Tom’s old backyard wrestling footage, “Dr. D” David Schultz’s trip to San Francisco, and David Letterman’s complete disdain for Vince McMahon!

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