Wrestlefolks #65: PAT DRISCOLL

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Comedian/actor/writer PAT DRISCOLL (Tiny Apartment, Undisputed) makes his first appearance on the podcast to watch weird wrestling videos on Youtube, such as…

– Andre The Giant getting asked every question he’s always asked all of the time by a 12-year-old David Letterman
– “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown trying his hand at improv comedy when TNA burns down their own arena
– The Dream Warriors and their manager trying to figure out what their big white guy’s name is
– Brutus “Dizzy Hogan” Beefcake cutting a promo in Portland  just to tell people that he knows Hulk Hogan; interviewer doesn’t care

Plus, we gush over how awesome New Japan Pro Wrestling is!

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This week, LEONARD F. CHIKARASON (wrestling commentator – CHIKARA, Absolute Intense Wrestling; podcaster – Weekly Longbox, Dadstractions) returns to the podcast and jumps down the Youtube rabbit hole! In this 90-minute conversation, we watch and comment on:

– That time the entire World Wrestling Federation came together to testify on behalf of The Iron Sheik in a misdemeanor assault trial
– “Rowdy” Roddy Piper being kind of racist in 1986
– WWE Superstar Cesaro stopping time with a popular German folk dance
– The originators of time travel in pro wrestling, The New Breed
– The Prince Of Wrestling cuts a promo that none of us are old enough to listen to

To watch the videos from this episode, check out this Youtube playlist at TinyURL.com/WFolks52Playlist

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DISCLAIMER: This week’s episode suffers from momentary audio issues that have been found and fixed for next week’s episode.